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My running companions Doubt, Fear and Worry

I have been rolling up miles at a substantial rate of 40+ a week for over four years now.  I have run a dozen marathons and battled through some truly treacherous training conditions and some fairly adverse race day scenarios. In the process, I've conquered Heartbreak Hill, Hospital Hill, the ultra-distance Bohemian Alps outside of Brainard, and battled a gritty wind in the starkly sublime Sandhills.  But it occurred  to me when the alarm went off this morning signaling me to get up for another early morning workout that it never changes.  What never changes is the fear, the doubt, and the nagging voice of negativity I hear in the back of my mind.  And if you run, every day you hear that and you choose to refute it. You renounce fear and uncertainty to embrace commitment and the courage to keep after it.

I think runners are a superstitious lot and, let's face it, mustering the will to go 26.2 is not an entirely rational endeavor. It is only in voicing these fears and articulati…