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A Chalk Talk on State Aid from Doc Skretta

A couple days ago I posted this YouTube vid explaining the coming cut in State Aid for the Norris School District and how we believe it reflects some fundamental formula problems and imbalances that, if left unchecked, will result in big problems in school finance for the state of Nebraska over time.  Some problems with the current formula:

More money is going to fewer districts, mostly large metrosA two-tiered system is being created that shows an over-reliance on local property tax base in districts that have a strong agricultural elementMore tinkering with allowances and adjustments creates arbitrary and capricious ups and downs for districts that invite 'gaming' instead of fair play and equitable distribution. Norris wants to be part of the solution in emphasizing equitable distribution of state revenue to schools across Nebraska and a better balance between state and local resources. 

Thanks for checking out the video!