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Responding to a crisis event in schools: Panelist comments for Nebraska School Public Relations Conference

It's my pleasure today to address the Nebraska School Public Relations conference and share some thoughts as one voice on a panel for Responding to Crisis Events in schools. Whether it is recovering from the decimation of an F-4 tornado, responding a to a bus accident that resulted in dozens of students being transported to local trauma centers, or reacting to situations where volunteers or staff members committed egregious or embarrassing acts, it's essential districts have effective communication protocols for tough situations. Here's my simple advice, earned through experience:
·“Guano happens.” Saw that on a bumper sticker the other day, and it’s a relevant point in crisis response: Respond to what the situation gives you; each scenario you encounter is a bit different. ·Have (and consistently review during mundane and routine times) clear internal communication protocols. ·Professional development in disaster preparedness is highly beneficial: FEMA – NIMS, ICS, etc. Clar…

Last day of school reflection: 10 things that went amazingly right at Norris this year

Norris District stakeholders, admin, and School Board developed and BOE adopted a strategic plan to guide governance and major program initiatives in coming years.Norris won Nebraska Coaches’ Association Sportsmanship awards every season, including the volleyball, girls basketball and boys soccer state tournaments.Norris parents and patrons contributed quarter of a million dollars ($250K) to achieve donor target for starting turf field and track resurfacing project.Norris MS squad team won the Cornhusker National JR High School Trap championship.Norris volleyball team won historic back-to-back repeat state championship.Then-Nebraska First Lady Sally Ganem joined the Norris Intermediate students in October in celebration of Farm To School month for an apple-taste-test fest!Norris MS recognized in March by USDA regional administrator for dedication to health of Nebraska’s children with school visit by federal officials during National School Breakfast Week.Norris District was featured i…