Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving thanks for great leaders @norris160!

Today I'm giving thanks for the great school leadership that surrounds us at Norris 160! I'm taking a moment from the nonstop turkey and football feast to share some gratitude to the leaders who make so much of what we do possible.

Brian Maschmann, Assistant Superintendent: the trusted voice of reason in every initiative we take, Brian brings a calm voice and practical insights to every situation.

Dr. Brenda Tracy, Special Ed and Curriculum Director: She is making an impact in teachers' growth and professional learning daily. We now have a comprehensive design for professional development that is instilling a common language for instruction and ensuring our teachers' learning targets are clear and explicit for all students at all levels.

HS Principal Ryan Ruhl: This is the man who has not only helped to sustain a culture of positive sportsmanship and student participation in our HS, he's taken it to the next level. 4 years in a row with a state tourney sportsmanship award, he has created a Principal's Advisory Council that has leveraged the power of student leadership. 

HS AP Charlie Hutzler: from helping reimagine lunch detentions to create an emphasis on academic improvement to overseeing a highly effective RTI process, Hutzler's wizardry could make a google apps guru gasp in awe. 

MS Principal Mary Jo Leininger: MJ exemplifies commitment: when it comes to supporting her teachers in sharpening their skills or bringing new opportunities like the EC3 math mentoring program to our students, MJ will find a way! 

MS AP Matt Rice: only Mr. Rice could make the otherwise mundane work of the safety committee fun and bring a spirit of enthusiasm to our annual safety audits and online trainings. Matt continues to be a positive character influence and developer of the unique talents and tremendous potential of our middle schoolers. 

Intermediate Principal Mike Wentz: a strong supporter of his great faculty and a decisive veteran leader committed to doing the right things to support students, Mr. Wentz has streamlined the successful system in place in our Intermediate School in its second year of operation. 

Elementary Principal Dr. Jenny Piening: Jenny is approachable, accessible and highly knowledgeable. She brings a great combination of positivity and pragmatism to every situation. Dr. Piening has been a great addition to the Norris team.

Norris leaders, thanks for everything you do to support our talented teachers and tremendous Titans students.

Happy Thanksgiving!