Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflection for Teachers, Sept. 2015

Isn’t it interesting to wonder about what drives a kid to lead, to achieve, and to excel? How about Logan Stewart and the fundraising effort for a Hickman city skatepark? Impressive. Loses his dad but in the process decides to perpetuate a legacy. Positive! Or how about this guy- the awesome Austin Schultz (Bridget's kid) battling his way to a coveted spot on the USA baseball national team 16U roster. Think there were more than a few minutes of wondering in the weeks it took this arduous process to play out to become one of only 59 nationally? Perseverance! I was further inspired watching Norris runners at the Pius XC invite yesterday. Those who cruised and those who battled just to finish. Not sure the last time you've hammered out 3.1 miles on the forbidding terrain of that Pioneers Park course, but it's a tough one- and with the sort of sadistic finish climbing uphill that makes people wonder just why anyone would subject themselves to it. And man, that Kelly Helmberger can really fly, running with unflinching determination yesterday to excel against some really top rate competition. There are so many student success stories out there - if you weren’t wowed by the FFA’s all-star performance at the Nebraska State Fair, you need to go back and review Doug Malone’s email summarizing the Norris students’ accomplishments.

What drives you and how are you modeling that message and motivating others to achieve, excel and lead by example? Have a great one, and keep helping your kids be great together. That's what you do - and it's quite a noble enterprise.

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