Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I learned at the Boston Marathon

I ran the 114th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 19th. This photo was taken about 10 minutes after I literally hurled my Gatorade all over my shoes after the finish, nearly passed out, and heard the five words no marathoner wants to hear: “Do you need a medic?” After refusing to go the medical tent, (because I figured I could just lean on Sara) I managed to fold my cramping legs into a cab and we got back to the hotel. It was awesome! I have a blissful look because approximately 2.5 seconds after the snapshot was taken, I collapsed in bed and did not move for 2 hours! Hooray for physical activity. Marathons may be a little excessive but they do give one a neat sense of accomplishment.

Here are two important things I think I learned in Boston:

*Great city, great people, so kind and encouraging of all participants. It reminded me that everyone’s got their own race to run. Pace doesn’t matter so long as you’re in the race. The point is to keep movin’!

*Enjoy the moment. I derived a lot of satisfaction from the throngs of thousands lining the course cheering people on “Yo, 8014, yuhrr supah faaaaast. Keep it up, bud!” We all occasionally need other people to be our cheerleaders and root us on. The walking challenge over 100 staff members are participating in now at Norris is a good example of a team support network but it doesn’t have to be that formal. Keep encouraging your friends and colleagues to stay committed to their goals – whether those are fitness goals, education goals, or life goals. You may not know realize it, but it makes a difference.

Happy walking to all those who observed National Walk At Lunch Day Wednesday. We have had several "Run @ Work" days at Norris where we invite staff members to run or walk together on the track. For the earliest part when it's still dark out, we throw on the lights so people can see who they might otherwise run into on the track. And we crank up the tunes on a couple mix CDs that the hardcore devoted runners like Coady and Votta have put together. It doesn't matter whether you are walking or running, it's kind of a neat communal experience on these mornings. The physical activity and cardio benefits are well documented in health lit. We encouraged teachers to participate as a staff wellness initiative in the National Walk At Lunch Day, however they were able to fit that into their day. We had a nice turnout Wednesday morning on a chilly spring day. I extend the best of luck to everyone participating in the Lincoln Half or Full Marathon this weekend. I am doing the half; it's too soon I for me after Boston to run a full again.

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