Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for thriving in the brave new world of Ed Tech

How what we are doing is working for Norris - in Chromebook integration and wireless accessibility.  A proud google school!

  • Technology integration is a core component of School Improvement and sustained Professional Development. Stay the course and keep your commitments!
  • We believe that accessibility is a core value and teaching appropriate use standards is a higher value than banning and a better use of our time than policing and depriving; we are not a techno police state!  We emphasize teaching developmentally appropriate use.
  • Create a solution that works for you, don’t worry about replicating others or copying buzzwords.  
  • Free yourself from the constraints of conformity (it’s not about one particular device or one piece of equipment that is a magic bullet; there’s no such thing).
  • Begin with the end in mind (consider sustainable solutions or you’ll flounder).
  • It’s not about hardware - the equipment will be different 5 years out - probably very different.
  • It’s not about programmatic initiatives = today’s cool web-based application will be played out in 6 months.  Stay sharp.
  • The hardware will change and the software will evolve; be adaptively creative.
  • The foundation of staying power is relationships.  Technology is no different.  We evolve readily because we have great trust in and leadership from Noel and Jim.
  • With good technology support and a clear vision that is conveyed, you can accomplish tremendous things for student learners.
  • Always understand and accept that people are on a continuum of readiness for change and initiative to change, and plan accordingly. (Offer differentiated professional development for teachers).

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